Doll Houses for Girls and Boys Too!

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Classic toys are becoming less and less common in toy stores and homes alike. Unfortunately, the toys that we see most often, such as the battery operated and flashy plastic items, are the ones that children lose interest in the most quickly. High quality wooden toys by Le Toy Van leave room for creativity! “Open-ended” play is not only fun but very important for a child’s development.

Our favorite dollhouses are made by Le Toy Van, dollhouses which make great family heirloom toys that are  perfect to pass down to siblings, friends, or other family members. They also make a great gift because at every occasion you can add to the dollhouse with new accessories. There are many educational benefits to dollhouses too:

  1. Imaginative or “Open-ended” Play: Imaginative play is critical for a child’s development. According to research, there are many connections between imaginative play and cognition, social abilities, and language skills. Dollhouses are great for both one child or with a playmate.  When children play together they learn self-control, sharing, listening and improvisation. Imaginative play is important for both girls and boys.  In addition to dollhouses,  we carry a wide selection of wooden structure toys for boys including pirate ships, castles, and auto garages.
  2. Coordination:  Playing with dollhouses encourages fine motor skill development. Dollhouses can help prepare children for kindergarten when they are holding a pencil to paper, cutting, drawing and writing!
  3. Creativity: Dollhouse play is just one way in which you can help a child develop creative skills. Creativity is a life skill that is important in art, math, science, etc. A dollhouse allows a child to explore their ideas through play.

Finally, doll houses of all types are toys that children enjoy for years. The fun is all in the imagination with play becoming more sophisticated over time.  Adding just a few new accessories can make these tried and true classic toys new all over again.  The decision to buy the little ones in your life doll houses, for boys and girls, is an investment that will s  is an investment that will stand the test of time.

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