The Benefits of Swaddling Your Baby

Posted by Cheryl Rapp on

Swaddling is an age old art of wrapping up baby so that they feel safe and secure in a tightly wrapped blanket. This technique resembles the womb so it is no wonder that it has so many benefits! Swaddling is best used during naps, sleep-time, feeding and any time the baby needs extra comfort.

Swaddling can assist in a longer and sounder sleep, keeping baby from waking up from his or her own startle reflex and can soothe a crying baby. After ensuring that your baby is fed and dry, swaddling is always a great option for comfort. In addition to comforting baby, swaddling with a muslin blanket aids in breast feeding. A baby can still feel the warmth of their mother’s chest because of the breathable nature of the fabric.

When choosing a swaddle blanket for baby, it is important to consider the fabric. Muslin is our top pick for many reasons: it is natural, breathable, suitable for all seasons, incredibly soft and freely woven allowing heat to escape and fresh air to enter. Muslin fabric also allows for a tight swaddle.

If you are looking to purchase a muslin swaddle blanket, we recommend Angel Dear, and we carry a great selection of beautiful, unique prints. The Angel Dear Muslin Swaddle blanket is a must have for every newborn!

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