Le Toy Van Dollhouse Furniture

  • $35.00

Wonderful collection of high quality wooden doll furniture to furnish your dollhouse and make it your own! 

Children's Room includes bunk beds with bedding,ladder, buggy, cradle, stroller, peg-baby, side table, skateboard, basketball & net, and a toy chest.

Bedroom includes double bed with bedding, wardrobe closet, make up table, side table w/drawer, lamp, rug, and a picture.

Dining Room includes dining table with cloth, 4 chairs, dishes, a counter, and a picture.

Kitchen includes sink, stove with a pot, and a fridge. Also comes with a table, 2 stools, and 2 mugs.

Sitting Room includes couch, fireplace, clock, tv plus stand, floor lamp,a telephone, rug, and a dresser.

Bathroom includes bath with shower and curtain, sink, toilet, towel rail, and a floor mat.